Boise Working Together

Letter to City Council

Boise City Council must hold a hearing within the 30 day allotted time period as required by Idaho law. We ask that the Council adopt the ballot initiatives as ordinances, so that we as a city can move forward to work together to plan projects that would be acceptable to the majority of Boise citizens. Letter posted here.

6-4-19 letter to council re initiative hearing 001.pdf

Thank you Boise!

Whether you signed the petition, got 1 or 100 signatures from your family, friends, and neighbors, if you shared our social media posts, or served on a strategy committee, our immense gratitude to you for your individual contribution to this community-wide effort! We couldn’t have done it - and especially in such a short time - without the help of hundreds of committed Boiseans. Thank you!! We we will now await the results as the county clerk does their due diligence reviewing the signatures.


May 30, 2019

"Today, David Levine, director of the Ada County Elections Division, notified us that his staff had verified 5,610 valid signatures for the stadium petition and 5,698 valid signatures for the Library petition. The number of valid signatures needed to meet the threshold for both petitions was 4,962.

Boise Working Together is gratified that the citizens of Boise have achieved the one thing we promised we would seek for them — an opportunity to be heard, in the form of a vote in November 2019 on two city-altering civic projects, the proposed downtown sports park and the proposed downtown events center/library. The many citizens who signed our petitions now have a better opportunity to more fully inform themselves about the benefits and the drawbacks, the costs and the impacts of these two projects, and then to vote any way they choose. A vote is their right.

“Everywhere, people told us they want to be involved in major city decisions affecting their lives and pocketbooks; they want transparency in city decision-making and they want clear explanations of where money will come from to pay for these projects. They share our trust in the wisdom of the people", said Adelia Simplot, chair of Boise Working Together.

We’re honored to have gotten it for them. Now, over the next five months, our fellow citizens must do their part, by fully educating themselves about the implications of the stadium and library projects before they vote this fall. Boise Working Together will be participating in this open analysis, but — as we have said all along — it is the right of Boise citizens to vote their conscience on the future of their city. Now, they have that right affirmed."

Boise Working Together - Board of Directors: Adelia Simplot, chair; Mark Baltes, John Bertram, Alex Jones, Dave Kangas, David Klinger, Richard Llewellyn, Ed McLuskie, Diane Ronayne.

A great city grows best when it grows … together.

We are Boise Working Together.

We are a volunteer group of citizens who believe that a great city and its future rest on maximum accountability from our city government … and meaningful involvement of citizens from all corners of Boise.

We reflect all ages, occupations, backgrounds, and viewpoints. We are your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. We are West Boise and Southeast Boise. We are North End and Boise Bench. We are Northwest Boise and East Boise.

And we are united in our belief that Boise needs a new approach in how it hears its citizens … spends their taxes … and charts the future of a great city.

Boise Working Together has asked for two ballot initiatives in 2019 that matter to you.

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