Boise Working Together

get notarized!


Every one who got signatures on BWT petitions must meet in person briefly with a notary and sign off on each page (you must also show your picture ID to verify your identity - so make sure you bring it). It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes of your time.

*****Here is the schedule*******

  • Saturday April 20 1-3pm Caffeina
      • 4774 W State St (in Collister Ctr)
  • Wednesday April 24, 6-8pm Payette Brewing
      • 733 S Pioneer St (off River Street)
  • Saturday April 27 11am-1pm Flying M
      • 500 W Idaho Street
  • Sunday April 28 4-6 Caffeina
      • 4774 W State St (in Collister Ctr)

Remember that EVERYONE WHO GOT SIGNATURES MUST NOTARIZE THEIR INITIATIVE before turning them in, so it is an essential process.

SiGNature gathering at the dmv

Everyday at the DMV on Benjamin Lane, hundreds of folks go to and from the building to get their drivers licence. This is a prime opportunity to get a lot of signatures in a short period of time!

It is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm so any 2-4 hour shift during that time frame works well and is perfect for one person to stay busy.

Grab your clipboards and pick a day and time that you want to cover and then let us know when it is by texting (208) 866-9701 or emailing

Download extra petitions at:

Location: 400 N Benjamin Lane

Signature gathering at the capital city public market

Join us at the Capital City Public Market for signature gathering - a great place to find Boiseans who are concerned about their community. Bring your petition packet or we can bring you one and give you a brief training. We only have 4 farmer's market left before our deadline of April 30th. Please sign up for at least one of the shifts below to ensure we get it covered. Each shift will be on a Saturday and be from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Two Volunteers each:

April 20

April 27

PLEASE end us an email or text at (208) 866-9701. Bring your own clipboards/petitions and join us or let us know you are coming and we will have one ready for you! **NOTE: The Capital City Public Market is the one that is on the downtown Boise city streets - centered around 8th street.

giving the power to boise

We have now made our petition packets available to download, print and sign for all Boise residents. We are excited to meet the challenge of collecting thousands of signatures in only six more weeks by allowing every Boise resident the chance to join us to get these massive and expensive projects up for a vote.

We aren't asking that you dedicate your next month to gathering signatures -- just download, print, staple, and, as a registered Boise voter -- sign the form. Even better, get a few family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to sign as well. Then join us at one of our weekly notarizing events to turn in your packet(s).

This is the way we can work together to win -- by bringing the petition directly to you! You can find the separate library and stadium petitions on the petitions page at

Be sure to follow the directions carefully to make your signature and information count!

Want to find more people to sign your petition packet? Need to sign but don't have a printer handy? Go to our new forum and sign up for an account here:

Then post where and when you can be found with your petitions, or how to connect with a signature gatherer in your neighborhood.

Let's make history by working together!


A great city grows best when it grows … together.

We are Boise Working Together.

We are a volunteer group of citizens who believe that a great city and its future rest on maximum accountability from our city government … and meaningful involvement of citizens from all corners of Boise.

We reflect all ages, occupations, backgrounds, and viewpoints. We are your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. We are West Boise and Southeast Boise. We are North End and Boise Bench. We are Northwest Boise and East Boise.

And we are united in our belief that Boise needs a new approach in how it hears its citizens … spends their taxes … and charts the future of a great city.

Boise Working Together has asked for two ballot initiatives in 2019 that matter to you.

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