Boise Working Together



Boise City Council has agreed to discuss the need for real public input on projects of such magnitude. Tonight we will gather to listen to the Council members’ and the Mayor’s thoughts about the library and the stadium initiatives in a public setting, but contend that an open public hearing so citizens can speak and a vote on the issues are necessities.

Our letter in response can be found in our 'Documents' section, where we will publish important information to help facilitate a transparent discussion with the City of Boise.

A great city grows best when it grows … together.

We are Boise Working Together.

We are a volunteer group of citizens who believe that a great city and its future rest on maximum accountability from our city government … and meaningful involvement of citizens from all corners of Boise.

We reflect all ages, occupations, backgrounds, and viewpoints. We are your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. We are West Boise and Southeast Boise. We are North End and Boise Bench. We are Northwest Boise and East Boise.

And we are united in our belief that Boise needs a new approach in how it hears its citizens … spends their taxes … and charts the future of a great city.

Boise Working Together has asked for two ballot initiatives in 2019 that matter to you.

Stay tuned.